Soekarseno Foundation’s original focus has been on improving education standards, particularly in the Cijeruk region. Projects range from renovating dilapidated schools, providing education resources, paying the subsidy of newly employed teachers, building a new junior high school and further various educational projects. The foundation is dedicated to improving the standards and life chances of all children in the district

Please click on the links below to find out more about Soekarseno Foundation’s education projects :

Pondok Abimanyu
SD Negeri Pangerasan
SD Negeri Cibalung 02
SD Negeri Cipicung 04
SD Nergeri Cipicung 01
SD Negeri Kawung Luwuk
SD Negeri Cipicung 05
SD Negeri Ciherang Pondok
SD Negeri Cibalung 03
SD Negeri Cipelang 02
SMP Pangerasan