SD Negeri Pangerasan

Pangerasan Elementary School is in Cijaruk village in outer Bogor. The school was built in 1983 but had not been repaired since. The school has 120 students, many of whom had been hit by falling debris from the schools damaged rood. The school had just one principle and one under-qualified teacher who taught all of the students. While they were extremely dedicated to the school their salaries were extremely low and they only had curriculum books date 1985 to use.

Soekarseno Foundation activity:

  • All classrooms have been renovated
  • Tables and chairs have been replaced
  • Curriculum books have been updated
  • There are now seven teachers at the school
  • All under-qualified teachers have received additional subsidy to bring their salaries to national minimum wage standards (UMR)
  • Graduating students can continue their studies at the Pangerasan Junior High School