SD Negeri Cipicung 04

Cipicung 4 Elementary School was established in 1980 but had not been renovated since. The schools condition was extremely dilapidated. There were no tables and chairs and only four classrooms. With 430 students and only one teacher, one head master and three under-qualified teachers the students academic levels suffered greatly. Despite the appalling conditions the students were divided into these extremely overcrowded four classrooms.

Soekarseno Foundation activity :

  • All classrooms have been renovated
  • Tables and chairs have been replaced
  • Curriculum books have been updated
  • There are now eight teachers
  • All under-qualified teachers have received additional subsidy to bring their salaries to national minimum wage standards (UMR)
  • Graduating students can continue their studies at the Soekarseno Foundation built Pangerasan Junior High School
  • In 2005, a school square/sport field was made
  • Since 2006 the school building has been used in the evenings as a school for further education