About Us

Soekarseno Family

Soekarseno Foundation is a non-profit, non-government, organization dedicated to the restoration of education and healthcare in the Bogor regency and South Jakarta. The founders are four sisters and their mother from the Soekarseno family who felt it was there duty to help those around them in need and they receive support from many extended friends and socially concerned organizations.
The foundation focuses its efforts in the Ciawi district of outer Bogor, about one hour south of Jakarta. The Ciawi region is a picturesque area at the foot of the Salak Mountain just outside of the Rancamaya Estate. The population is approximately 15 000 people consisting of roughly 3000 Households. Most families in the region survive from agricultural work, farming mostly rice. The average household income is less than 900 000 rupiahs a month putting the region below international poverty standards. As a result, previous to Soekarseno Foundation’s involvement, the education and healthcare standards were extremely low. There were dilapidated schools buildings, under-funded supplies and inadequate teachers, consequently most children in the region did not have the opportunity of achieving necessary education levels. In addition, the low-income and poor access led to little to no healthcare for the community, which significantly increases the risk of untreated disease and malnutrition, particularly that of young children. However, since 2002 Soekarseno Foundation has been working together with the local community to improve education and health standards and greatly increase the life chances of the Ciawi people.

In addition, the foundation also supports Jakarta healthcare centres, primarily in Pejaten Barat. Pejaten Barat, in South Jakarta, is an area of mixed financial status, however many families with low incomes struggle to support themselves and their childrens’ education and healthcare. Since 2005 Soekarseno Foundation has been educating and supporting local women and children is this area.

Soekarseno Foundation is also there for both regions in sudden times of need during severe natural disasters, such as floods and landslides. The foundation raises awareness of the issues and brings donations of necessities such as, food, medicine and second hand clothes.

While Soekarseno Foundation focuses on these regions their vision encompasses Indonesia as a whole. They believe that by improving the standards of education and healthcare they can make an impact on the national as a whole and break the cycle of poverty. If you share this vision and would like to help please contact us!