SD Negeri Cibalung 02

Cibalung 2 Elementary School is in the Cijaruk sub district of outer Bogor. It was built in 1980 and had not been repaired since. The school’s condition was completely dilapidated. There were no tables and chairs and just three classrooms. With 240 students and just one teacher, one head master and two under-qualified teachers, the students’ knowledge suffered greatly. Due to the limited rooms, each class was only able to study for two hours per day.

Soekarseno Foundation Activity :

  • All classrooms have been renovated
  • Tables and chairs have been replaced
  • Curriculum books have been updated
  • There are now seven teachers at the school
  • All under-qualified teachers have received additional subsidy to bring their salaries to national minimum wage standards (UMR)
  • Graduating students can continue their studies at the Soekarseno built Pangerasan Junior High School
  • One computer was provided in 2006