SD Negeri Cipicung 01

Cipicung 1 Elementary School was established in 1980 and had not been renovated since. The school has 210 students. The school was in a terrible condition. There were no tables and chairs and the students had to study on the floor. The 210 students had only two teachers, one head master and three under-qualified teachers.

Soekarseno Foundation activity :

  • All classrooms have been renovated
  • Tables and chairs have been replaced
  • Curriculum books have been updated
  • There are now seven teachers
  • All under-qualified teachers have received additional subsidy to bring their salaries to national minimum wage standards (UMR)
  • New toilets and a sick room were built
  • Because the classrooms were previously very dark, electricity was connected
  • In 2006 the school received one computer