How you can help ?

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  • We can send you updates on the foundation’s progress, Yayasan Soekarseno Peduli newsletters and information on up a coming events, please email to


  • We need volunteers in all areas and appreciate all the help we can get from education and health training to building maintenance and construction.  We welcome all ideas on for improvements


  • You can donate financially to the foundation, towards specific projects, or by sponsoring a local child or family.

Pangerasan Education Center Yayasan
Bank Jawa Barat
Account number: 0102181425100

  • Other vital donations include, books and educational resources, information technology and disaster relief supplies.

Tell your friends

  • Being known is one of the most important objectives towards the survival of the foundation.  We need you to spread the word and make known the conditions of the village, that way, with everyone’s help we can expand and help further people in need.